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Billy Hyde BH8 Practice Pad 8"

The Billy Hyde PDP-8BH 8-Inch practice pad is a go-to standard in the industry. Popular with percussion teachers and professional players for its natural rebound that closely mimicks the response of a real drum head.

  • Quiet - great for practice where you can't belt it out on a full drum!
  • Natural rebound for accurate practice of fundamentals
  • Mounting thread to suit most cymbal stands
  • 8 Inches diameter (20cm)

Billy Hyde - the name is synonymous in Australia with drums and drumming - but where did it all start?

A young Billy Hyde began his long drumming career during the depression of the early 1930's. He would cart his drums in all weather on the tram and train to gigs. He'd play the show then get his drums and himself home the same way - all for the princely sum of 5 shillings (50 cents)!

An enourmously talented and natural drummer, Billy quickly became Australia's "first-call" drummer. Symphony Orchestras, Radio and Television shows, recording sessions and many major international artists all benefited from Billy's musicality and enthusiasm.

Billy was known for continually developing new ideas, During the 1950's he put together the world's first tube steel practice kit and during the 1960's designed and started manufacturing the Billy Hyde Molded Practice Pad that's played the world over today.

Billy Hyde BH8 Practice Pad 8"

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