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World's Biggest Orchestra - 12 months on

Hard to believe but it was this time last year when 7,224 musicians made history at Suncorp Stadium, achieving the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Orchestra, and Australian Book of Records titles for 'Largest Brass Ensemble', 'Largest Woodwind Ensemble', 'Largest Clarinet Ensemble' and 'World's Largest Orchestra'

Making Cents with Music

We were thinking of seeing a movie the other day so I looked up the times of the movie we wanted to see. To save time I thought if I booked online we could just walk in. It's been a while since we visited the local cinema so that’s when I got a shock - the price of tickets! Adult $16.50 Child $12.00!

International Mic Testing Day

International Mic Testing Day

Time to break out all those old mics and cables - it's international Microphone testing day! Check... 1..2../..1..2../..1..2

(Image credits: Kevin Kemps great micing tutorial for the D112 and Roadie Cat from icanhascheeseburger.com )

Photo of Drumstick Pencils being used

Do you have a classmate or co-worker who simply can't sit still? Do you have a friend or relative so passionate about drumming that their hands get itchy if they are more than 20 feet away from their kit? These drumstick pencils are the perfect gift for either! With a HB pencil at one end and a drum tip at the other these are the perfect gift to keep that tapping friend / fiend happy and working!

Drumstick Pencils (pair)

Brand: Suck UK
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Looking for AMEB materials?

AMEB LogoWith most AMEB publications in-stock (over 140 titles) and typically a 3-to-10-day turnaround on ordered items MauMusic are the ideal solution to tracking down your AMEB requirements. We've just about got all of the AMEB Books online now but if there's anything you can't find please feel free to call us on 07 3355 3955 - we happily take phone orders as well if you can't drop by.

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We now also offer searching for book titles based on AMEB Lists! Go ahead and find which books contain pieces for different grades using our AMEB Finder tool.

We carry all of the most popular titles including...

Never before have we seen an 88-Note digital piano with Hammer-action weighted keys for anywhere near this price! The DP101 makes a great choice for those who have outgrown the capabilities of standard keyboards but need to stick within a budget. The MIDI ports also mean that this is great for anyone looking for a midi controller with weighted keys but don't require all the bells and whistles of more expensive units.

Hemingway DP101 Digital Piano with Hammer-action Weighted Keys

Brand: Hemingway
In Stock In-store right now. Usually ships in 1 working day.

Don't be left behind when the rest of the band heads to the beach for the weekend! Get great bass sound wherever you are, wired or un-plugged with the Greg Bennett AB2 Electric-Acoustic Bass. This Acoustic Bass features:

Greg Bennett Acoustic-Electric Bass AB2

Brand: Greg Bennett
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The EDQ2P Dtronic 5 Piece Electronic Drum Kit Package contains everything you need to rock out your kicking beats... without getting evicted from your home! Actually, combine this package with a decent Amplifier and you can certainly get yourself evicted - but stick with the supplied headphones and you're safe :-)

This kit features:

D-tronic Electronic Drum Kit Package EDQ2P

Brand: D-tronic
Pre-Order Not in-store right now but normally ships in 5 to 10 working days

Harry Potter Print Music

Harry Potter Print Music DisplayOk, so maybe a few of us here at MauMusic are a little excited about the new movie.

With so much great music throughout the series there's bound to be some pieces you'll love - we've got a range of Harry Potter print music for most instruments in stock now, so be you muggle or pure-blood, there's something perfect for you here!

Calling all Gleeks!

Calling all Gleeks!

MauMusic now has all Glee books for all instruments in stock. Even ukulele!

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